Health and Safety

Current Protocols for AIT Attendance

In conjunction with the U.S.G.L. Covid Response Team we would like your assistance with the following at all A.I.T. Workshops.

As we have members of our team who are immune compromised or otherwise need accommodations - we are asking ALL attendees to agree to the following prior to registering for our events: 

If you test positive on any of the above you will need to not attend any events and we are asking that you quarantine yourself in your room, or if easier and possible to do safely, i.e., you have driven, then travel home. 

If you are showing any symptoms of any respiratory illness (RSV, influenza, COVID, etc.), do not attend the events and test right away. If you test negative we would ask that you please wear a mask to alleviate any transfer of RSV, influenza etc. 

If you believe your symptoms are due to seasonal allergies, we would ask that you to wear a mask.