IT at Alombrados Oasis

Post date: Dec 29, 2013 10:23:18 PM

Tyled to dues current Third Degree initiates of O.T.O.

Presented by Frater Lux ad Mundi

Please join us at Alombrados Oasis for a lovely day of initiator training.

Alombrados Oasis must receive an RSVP and payment by Feb. 15th to attend. Please, also inform us of any dietary restrictions you may have.

The course costs $40, lunch is included in this fee.

Please send your payment via paypal:

(with a note that it is for I.T.)

or send payment to:

Alombrados, OTO

P.O. BOX 2534

New Orleans, LA 70176

(again, with a note that your money is the I.T. fee).