The  Team 

Kim Knight

Kim Knight (Presenter and Team Lead) - has been a member of the Order since 1999, is Past Master of Sekhet-Maat Lodge and was the Chair of the National Conference Committee. She is currently the U.S.G.L. Initiation Training Coordinator, serves as High Priestess of Psyche Eros Chapter and as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Order. Her areas of expertise are organizational leadership, initiation performance and process, and ritual technology. Her current favorite projects are focused on women in leadership and support for the long term vision of the Order. She lives on the Rio Chi in Tillamook OR with her EC husband Geoff and their Chihuahua, Mija. 


Catherine Berry

Catherine Berry (Presenter) - has been a member of the Order since 1987. She has held a variety of leadership positions in the Order, at the local level (such as Master of Baphomet Lodge and Deputy Master of LVX Oasis, among others), the national level (Bishop of E.G.C., member of the Grand Tribunal, and U.S.G.L. Internet Secretary), and the international level. Despite the appearance of leading an entirely virtual existence, she does occupy a physical body in Los Angeles, where she lives with her wife Leanne. Among her personal areas of research are the role of humor in magick and the culture and philosophy of the ancient Aztecs.


Dr. Richard Kaczynski

Dr. Richard Kaczynski (Presenter) - has been a member of the Order since 1987. He travels, teaches and lectures widely, and has served O.T.O. as the past master of Blue Equinox Oasis, Most Wise Sovereign of Infinite Stars Chapter, E.G.C. Bishop, Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and Secretary of Academia Ordo Templi Orientis. He is the author of The Billionth Monkey (2015), Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis (2012), Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (2010, 2002), and many others (find a complete list at Richard's website). He appeared in the television documentaries Secrets of the Occult (2006) and Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (2007). His current projects include an anthology of early writings by J. F. C. Fuller and Victor Neuburg, and a history of esoteric societies in the 19th and early 20th centuries (with a focus on sacred sexuality). By day, Richard is a social psychologist, statistician, and research scientist whose 1993 doctoral dissertation examined metaphysical beliefs and experiences among occult practitioners. 


Jon Sewell

Jon Sewell (Presenter and Team Secretary) - has been a member of the Order since 1999, serving as Master of Horizon Lodge and United State Grand Lodge Document Control Officer as well as an Ordained Priest, a Chartered Initiator, and a Certified Initiator Trainer. Jon is deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve the Order, and for the trust reposed in him. They even let him write his own bio for A.I.T., so he has taken the opportunity to attest that he is probably a homunculus, and suspects that coffee has rendered him immortal. During his tenure in the Order, Jon has made it a regular practice to engage in a variety of creative projects including original rituals and adaptations of Crowley’s works, which in turn were adapted into films that received national and international awards. He currently serves as U.S.G.L. Volunteer Coordinator, a presenter for A.I.T., and with the planning team for Kaaba. 


Andrew Lent

Andrew Lent (Presenter) - is a chartered initiator, ordained Priest, and ordained Deacon. He's served as Secretary, Deputy, and Master of Black Sun Lodge in sunny Cleveland, Ohio, and is currently Secretary of Ouarda Chapter. He also serves as editor of Agapé, the official organ of USGL. When he's not knee deep in O.T.O. work, Andrew can usually be seen noodling about with synthesizers and annoying the AIT team with his occult knowledge of all things Star Wars.


Terry M.

Terry M. (Presenter) - has been a member of the Order since 1998. Terry has served in various roles on the local, regional, and national level. As U.S.G.L. Historian, he is passionate about preserving and exploring the Order's history and brings expertise in this area to the A.I.T Team. In particular, he is fascinated by the ongoing development of our initiatory system: it's rituals, structure, and supporting materials. He also enjoys reading and writing prose and poetry, and will talk for hours on the topics of Leonard Cohen, Doctor Who, and all horror movies. Despite popular rumor, he is not entirely made of spiders. There's also some snakes. 


Sr. Luz y

Sr. Luz y (Team Logistics) - has been a member of the Order since 2018. She is an ordained deacon and novice priestess of the EGC and serves as Side Officer for initiations as often as she is able. She is a member of the Psychology Guild as a Certified Recovery Mentor, and is a content creator for the U.S.G.L. Educational Modules.  She is a member of the Substance Misuse Prevention Committee, and serves the Thelemic Families program as an active parent and activity organizer. Sr. Luz y is currently rocking the A.I.T. world by making sure our  workshops all flow smoothly with beauty and joy. 

Bodhi Hamaker

Bodhi H. (Admin Support) - has been a member of the Order since 2019. Currently, they serve as Aide de Camp to Miss Kim. They also serve as the project manager for the U.S.G.L. Thelema for All diversity modules and is a member of the U.S.G.L. Families Committee. Bodhi is an ordained deacon who is looking forward to ordination as Deacon Sacerdote. Their current studies include the Tibetan Buddhist practices of Chod and Tonglen. In their downtime, Bodhi can be found on different Pacific Northwest beaches talking to seagulls and sand fleas.