AIT workshops are organized through the Initiation Training Committee of the O.T.O. United States Grand Lodge (U.S.G.L.) under the direction of the Executive Committee.

AIT supports the initiation process of U.S.G.L. in the following ways:


    • Improves personal quality of initiation abilities

    • Provides resources and support

    • Builds Initiator confidence and experience

Local Bodies

    • Cultivates excitement and desire to become an initiator within the local membership

    • Improves quality of initiations for Man of Earth members in terms of voice and magical quality

    • Increases the number of experienced Initiators in a local body

    • Highlights the importance of initiation at the local level

    • Provides the local body experience in organizing larger, regional workshops

    • Improves symbolic knowledge of Man of Earth initiates through well-trained Initiators

    • Provides space for local Initiators to work together and workshop their ideas


    • Provides professional training for Initiators

    • Increases the number of experienced initiators on a national level

    • Brings in-depth training for the presiding officers of M∴M∴M∴ initiation at large

    • Continually improves initiation standards

    • Communicates best practices to Initiators

    • Assists with implementation of requirements for memorization of degrees

    • Creates sample training materials and supplemental resources for initiation officers, Certified Initiator Trainers, and Sovereign Grand Inspectors General

    • Provides Initiators with advanced topics in regards to the general principles and practice of our initiation rituals

Let him come through the first ordeal, & it will be to him as silver.

Through the second, gold.

Through the third, stones of precious water.

Through the fourth, ultimate sparks of the intimate fire.

— Liber AL III: 64-67