Next AIT is in Nashville, TN in December 10th & 11th, 2022 ev!

Advanced Initiation Training offers educational resources and training workshops to active chartered initiators, facilitating their growth through the development of relevant skills. Additionally, A.I.T. cultivates interest in, knowledgeability of, and zeal for our initiation rituals amongst O.T.O. members.

Initiators all over the country have been asking: “When will Grand Lodge offer more advanced training?”, “When can we discuss symbolism?”, “When will there be a traveling workshop like Kaaba, but for initiators?”, “Aside from NOTOCON, where can we network, talk about initiating, share ideas, and discuss best practices?” A.I.T. is the answer. It offers in-depth training by initiators, for initiators.

The training is aimed at current Chartered Initiators who have already attended Initiation Training held by Certified Initiator Trainers and Sovereign Grand Inspectors General. However, Master Magicians who have attended Initiation Training are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Presenters at A.I.T. are all experienced O.T.O. Chartered Initiators with years of experience in initiating the Man of Earth Degrees, and leaders in our community.

U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis sponsors A.I.T.. Training events are typically held twice per year at local bodies across the country.

Questions? Please contact the Initiation Training Committee at