Southern California AIT, December 2015 e.v.

U.S.G.L Advanced Initiation Training will be hosted by Golden Lotus Lodge in the Valley of Garden Grove, CA on the weekend of December 12-13, 2015 e.v.


Registration is CLOSED.


Sekhet-Bast Ra
2714 North Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City, OK 73107


2200 NW 40th
(405) 528-2221
2801 NW 39th
(405) 946-0741
3022 NW Expressway
(405) 947-0953

A limited amount of lodging is available at the homes of members. Please email David at:


We have commissioned these beautiful pendants for Advanced Initiator Training.  They are made with solid silver and are available either as a pin or as a pendant. 

They are available to O.T.O Chartered Initiators who have attended AIT or will be attending this training. The cost is $40.00 each and may be ordered by selecting "PIN/PENDANT" during your registration. 

Please Note: You MUST order by Nov 1, 2011 e.v. for your pin to be available at AIT. 
 Additional shipping will apply otherwise.