Advanced Initiation Training

Advanced Initiation Training is dedicated to providing active chartered initiators with resources to grow in their skill and eduction as initiators and to help O.T.O. initiates increase their knowledge and zeal in regards to our initiation rituals. 

The training is aimed at current Chartered Initiators who have already attended Initiator Training held by Certified Initiator Trainers and Sovereign Grand Inspectors General. However, Master Magicians who are close to applying for a Charter to Initiate and who have attended Initiator Training previously are welcome to join us if space is available. 

U.S. Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis sponsors Advanced Initiator Training. The weekend of training events are held at a variety of local bodies throughout the country, typically twice per year. 

Presenters at AIT are experienced O.T.O. Initiators. All are either Certified Initiator Trainers or Sovereign Grand Inspectors General with years of education and experience in initiating the Man of Earth Degrees.

Initiators all over the country have been asking: “When will we see more advanced training from Grand Lodge?”, “When can we see discussion of symbolism?”, “When will there be a traveling workshop like Kaaba, but only for us?”, “Where, besides NOTOCON, can we get together and network, talk about initiating and get ideas from each other and discuss best practices?” Advanced Initiation Training is the answer and offers in-depth training, by initiators, for initiators.

If you have questions about Advanced Initiator Training, please contact the Initiation Training Committee at

Kim Knight,
Advanced Initiation Training
U.S.G.L. Initiator Training Coordinator